area description

Henseid Skole is located in the hamlet of the municipality Henseid Drangedal, southern Norway, in the county of Telemark. in the middle of the forests between hills and numerous lakes. Here you will find many walking / hike or mountain bike trails. We organize free  hike-trips in the area for everyone, from 1.5 hours to 4.5 hours. Swimming at one of the lakes, with child-friendly beaches. Fishing in one of the lakes or in the sea. In this area you can go wildlife watching for moose, deer, beavers, foxes, many birds, badgers, snakes, etc

Drangedal is approximately 10 km away, here you will find 3 supermarkets, a bank with ATM, gas station, church, restaurant and some small shops.
For 40 minutes away are the towns Porsgrunn and Skien, here you will find large shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, museum, leisure activity park with swimming pool, climbing activities, running and skating.
Recommended is: The old charming seaside village Kragerø is about 30 minutes drive away, here you will find in the center many small shops and nice restaurants with terraces with live music in the summer.
Oslo, capital of Norway is about 2 hours drive from Henseid, you can use the highway or the touristic route

Drangedal have many other tourist attractions and tour trips, for example to an original old "Stav" church, famous Telemark canal, Telemark Museum, Gaustatoppen (highest mountain in Telemark) large swimming and slides-paradise , or just endless touring in the beautiful surroundings.