This accommodation is inhabited and run by Camiel Hulst  who have emigrated with his family from the Netherlands. Henseid Skole apartment / guest house opened for those seeking peace, relaxation, or just vacation.he Henseid Skole apartment / guest house is located in the former elementary school in the hamlet Henseid (Henneseid), in the municipality Drangedal. Drangedal is a very wooded area with many lakes in the county of Telemark. In Henseid Skole not rent a room but classroom, where the which the 'skole-style' as much as possible preserved. You imagine yourself in the feeling of at school. The atmosphere of the building ensures warmth and coziness. Henseid located on 356 between the provincial and Drangedal Porsgrunn. Here you find the ideal setting for many activities such as exercising in the summer: hiking, cycling and / or mountain biking, fishing and wildlife spotting. And in the winter: skiing, ice fishing and wildlife spotting here. 

Norway is doing fine and affordable to reach by car, motorcycle or airplane. In addition, Norway has a good network of public transport in the regions.